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3 simple tips for a powerful backhand clear

Everyone struggles with the backhand clear and that's why I coach so many clients this shot.

There are loads of different techniques to do a backhand, so it isn't one size fits all! Plus you also have to consider: speed of the shuttle, timing of your hit and the height when you connect with the shuttle.

Let's give you these 3 easy tips to do when you are doing your backhands!


Yes I know this might sound simple, but lots of people forgot this. Once you land your foot you can now concentrate on getting the power from your arm.


By keeping your racket head down your arm goes around your body generating the power from your hips instead of your arm. This is because when you bring your arm out of your body, your wrist rotation is in the wrong position. This means the biomechanics of your wrist only lets you rotate it 45 degrees. Whereas, if you keep your racket head up, it rotates your wrists differently (over double the amount of rotation). Which equates to more power. I know this is hard to explain over text!!!


Yes a normal backhand grip (thumb) is only good for shots out to the side of you and Infront of you. If you try and keep the same grip when the shot is going behind you, the racket will be pointing in the wrong direction and your arm is locked. This means you won't get any power as your arm is locked and not relaxed. You need to keep your arm relaxed and change to a bevel grip.

Watch this short clip as this shows you there is more than 1 way of doing a backhand. Click Here

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