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Want to improve your strength but don't know how to?

If you want to step your badminton game up to the next level you have to think of a couple of factors. 

1. Nutrition

You need to have good nutrition to support and make your muscles grow! Poor nutrition will make you sluggish and will make you slower due to you not feeding your muscles in the correct way. 

2. Endurance

By improving your endurance your stamina will improve and make your game more consistent. How to improve endurance? Start by something easy such as a timed run, doing at a consistent pace for 10 minutes. Each week step up the time to 12 or 15 minutes. 

3. Strength

Within badminton it is all about explosive energy and creating lots of it. Great exercises for this are box jumps, jumping squats etc.

See video for some great exercises! 

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