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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a massive part of badminton, from beginner to a national player. You can do this part of your badminton session or in a gym/at home.

If you want to become stronger and move quicker on court, there are a few simple things you can do to achieve this. Follow these simple stages:

1. Mirrors

When you are doing any new exercises you haven't done before, you need to be infront of a mirror. This will show you if your body is: upright, pushing through the right muscles and balanced.

Doing these exercises you need to start off slowly, so you are doing it correctly from start to finish. If you move too fast and it isn't correct you will cause yourself an injury.

2. Repetition & Adding Weights

As badminton requires lots of stamina and endurance, try these exercises with high repetitions (about 20). Once you have completed 20, give yourself a 30 second break maximum before trying again. This is like a game scenario, where you play a point out and have a quick breather before starting the next point.

If exercises do become easier, try adding weights to make it harder, such as: dumbbells, plates etc.

3. Keeping Muscles Under Tension

You need to keep your muscles under tension with the exercises (always having your legs bent). This requires a lot of stamina to do this and you will be able to achieve it this after practice. Within a badminton game you are mainly in a squat position to push you out to the shuttle faster. The longer you can achieve this position the stronger you are getting!

Have a watch of the video below of a few exercises to try!

With my players I am making them stronger and fitter with my fitness programmes.

If you take your badminton game seriously and want to be at the peak of your game, you need to be stronger! I will deliever a session for you just about strength & conditioning for badminton.

Sign up today to get FITTER and STRONGER!

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