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Online Coaching

Footwork is your “bread and butter” and that is true, but you will not improve if you don’t have the next stage to make it a sandwich.

With my new style of coaching, all my clients are now hitting further and faster and it is amazing to see these results!

I have been contacted by so many badminton players across the world, after they have watched my YouTube videos and asking for my advice. 

I feel your frustration on not getting enough power in your shots as I was at the same point you are currently at now, so this is why I want to help you.

Instead of doing the bulk standard "How to" generic shot videos which most of the time, does not give you the correct advice. You watch the videos and think "thats what I need to achieve", WRONG!


If you want to get power in your shots, the first you need to find out is where you are going wrong. This is where I can help you.

I am now offering you a tailored video for yourself, explaining in detail on how to achieve that perfect shot you desire! You ask me what shot you want to achieve and I will guide you every step of the way.

How It Works

1. You send me a current video of you hitting the shot that you need my help on.

2. I will then analyse your video and review it.

3. I will then send you a video back showing & describing in fine detail on how to achieve your desired shot!

Each video that I make for you will only cost £14.99.

4. To make sure you are on the right tracks, I will make a follow up video for you after 3-4 weeks costing £4.99 to tweak your progress. This is the final process to make your shot complete!

Remember, a good private badminton session with a professional coach would cost between £30-£50 including court hire, so at £14.99 a video this is extremely good value!

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