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My Story


When I started coaching, my DREAM was to run my own sessions and be a self employed badminton coach and be my own boss.

At 18 years old I got my level 2 qualification and started coaching private sessions and helping out at a few clubs.

I was too scared to open a session on my own, as I didn't have the knowledge or someone to guide me through the process. I started my coaching in sports centres delivering their badminton programmes under their own rules, their advertising and being paid a small wage.

My junior badminton became really popular and became over subscribed with a waiting list (at that time) of over 40 juniors!! My small wage never increased from day one, even though the centres profit was getting higher and higher.

I made a decision and took a calculated risk and rented a sports hall to start my own badminton session.  I didn't know if this was going to work or be successful, as I never had the experience of opening and running my own session before!

I must say, I made a lot of mistakes initially on how to find the right location, taking payments, advertising, marketing, to name just a few as this was all new to me.

Over time I learnt the relevant skills by myself to enable me to run a business inside out.

To date, I now have over 200 kids signed up to my junior sessions, of which only totals 12 hours a week of my time and is equivalent to an average weekly salary.

My Dynamic Badminton sessions are expanding year on year, with new sessions being added on a regular basis.

During the rest of my time I coach 1-1, adult groups & School teams.

What is a Dynamic Badminton Franchise?

I am now franchising Dynamic Badminton which can turn your coaching into a successful full time business.

I will show you how to build your own Dynamic Badminton sessions from start to finish.

Starting your business can be a struggle without the right knowledge and guidance. This is why Dynamic Badminton will help you successfully build your junior badminton coaching business together with other associated opportunies, right from the start and give you the help and confidence you need.

I will help you with:

- Marketing & advertising

- Location

- Target market

- Social media

- Taking payments

- How to scale your business

- How to maximise your sessions

- Structuring sessions

- Registers

And much more!

I will be your mentor and guide you through each part of the process.

Let's make your coaching business a success!

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, please get in touch to find out more and the upfront costs.

Want to know more info about the franchise?

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