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My Team

Philip Adams

Biomechanics & dynamics badminton coach     |     HERTFORDSHIRE / LONDON


I'm Phil Adams a badminton coach, coaching within Hertfordshire/London coaching all ranges from young to old.

My coaching style is different to others, enhancing maximum performance out of a player with a high end dynamic structure. This means I work past the technical aspect of the game, bringing biomechanic movement and stability to your body. Then to create a dynamic hitting effect, hitting it further with less energy involved.

Discover the new way of training.

Robert Walters

Celebrity Personal Trainer     |     LONDON

Rob has been transforming bodies across the globe for over a decade. After gracing the covers of over 9 fitness front covers, numerous appearances in Men’s Health to Healthy Magazine and hosting his popular sky TV show “The fitness suit”, Rob wanted to get back to what was dearest to his heart and that was 1-2-1 personal training. He is joining the team for stength & conditioning in badminton players.

Linda Rhodes

Pilates & Yoga Teacher     |     BIRMINGHAM

Linda is one of the top pilates teachers in the Country! Having her own studio in Birmingham called EQ studio, she teaches a range of clients including celebrities. She runs high end and professional pilates classes/session.

She is joining the team to help badminton players have better posture and improve core strength.

Michael Chen

Badminton Article Writer     |     SINGAPORE

Michael, from Singapore, has been playing badminton for many years. He writes posts on his website about badminton tips and give racket reviews. He has collaborated with Philip Adams, to give the best advice to players.

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